The Art of Soul


The Art of Soul has 176 pages, and there is about 35 pages dedicated to character design and that is being nice. There wasn't one section for character designs in the book like in most, they a sprinkled all throughout each section. The book mostly contains backgrounds, some storyboards, and experimental designs for the spirits and the spirit world and what it could look like.  

I was really disappointed in how they used the space in this book. For example they show this wonderful group lineup of the high school kids by Tom Gatley  but instead of using the whole page, they shrunk it down so each character is an inch and a half big so you can hardly see the details. And then funny enough, the page before has a picture on an empty classroom which takes up half of the page, which could have been left out to make room for the group of high school kids picture to be a whole page if they switched some things around. There are many frustrating things like that throughout the whole book. 

There are some amazing pictures by Rachel Xin, Grant Alexander, and Nancy Tsang that I would've loved to have seen much bigger, but instead they were shrunk down surrounded by empty wasted space. And then there were these empty abstract paintings (like the cover of the book) blown up to fit the whole page. 

Whomever decided which pieces of artwork to show as well as the layout designer of this book should never do another art books again. It sounds harsh, but this is probably the worst "Art of Books" I have seen.

I give the book a 1 out of  5