The Art of Onward

The Art of Onward Is a really impressive book full of artwork.  Out of  the 176 pages I would say up to 60 pages are dedicated to character design.  Not only that, but most pages have multiple pictures of them working out what the design could be, before they finalize the character design. This is the kind of stuff we all love to see.

It looks like Grant Alexander, Chris Sasaki, Maria Yi, and Matt Nolte, are doing the bulk of the character designs on this film. They all seemed to be on the same wave length with the design rules, even from the start you can tell that they got the look and feel of this film pretty quickly.   I'm so happy to see more artwork from Matt Nolte, he is one of my favorite artists and I am so happy they show a lot of his art in this book.  Overall It's a pretty packed book full of good stuff

I give the book a 4.6 out of  5

Matt Nolte, digital.

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Manticore’s Tavern characters.