Ergomart LCD monitor arm for the Wacom Cintiq user.

I don't normally do this, but I know a lot of you out there that read this blog use the Wacom Cintiq.  When I was doing a tour of  Gentle Giant Studios, I came across an artist who had one of these Ergomart  LCD monitor arm for his Cintiq. He was able to move his Cintiq right next to his first monitor, to use as a second monitor, and then he was able to move the Cintiq and have it float above his lap.  I knew I wanted that as soon as I could get one. I will have to admit I have always thought that the Cintiq was big heavy and bulky, and you were lucky not to ever drop it onto the floor.

 The artist at Gentle Giant was kind enough to let me play around with it on his desk.  It was awesome, I was able to move it very easily from one position to the next.  You can move it up and down left and right, Tilt the display back past 90° or down more than 50°, and you can rotate it from horizontal to portrait. You can also make it so it is very tight and hard to move, or loose enough to move with one finger.  I have mine kind of firm so if I wanted to move it, I would need to use two hands, so when I am drawing on the Cintiq, it doesn't move away from me.

Once again, I don't normally talk about products on this blog, but I know that a lot of you would love to know about this Ergomart  LCD monitor arm for the Wacom Cintiq. And I hope that this will save and help many artist backs, because I know that it has saved mine.  If you are interested in getting one of these you will need to go to Eromarts webpage here...

Make sure you click on the Wacom Tablet Option on the left side of the webpage.