The Art of Finding Dory

With The Art of Finding Dory I should have realized that most of that underwater world was fleshed out and created from the first film Finding Nemo.  So when it comes to character designs, there is about 20 pages out of 176.  With in those pages they show the designs of the new characters and don't double dip from the previous art book The Art of  Finding Nemo which is a good thing.  The main focus however is on set design and storyboards.  So it's a great book if you love that kind of stuff.  I am surprised at the decisions these latest Art of books have made to have such a big focus on set design and background layout.  Gone are the days where half or most of the book has butt loads of character designs and pre-final designs.

Please don't get me wrong I appreciate all the artwork that goes into creating these wonderful films, but I go to the movies to watch stories about characters and not so much about the scenery.  Which is why I personally wish they would focus more about the art of the characters and not so much about the seaweed like in this book...  By the way you can get this book really cheap right now on Amazon.  The hardcover is cheaper than the Kindle version.

I give it 2.0 out of 5