The Art of Penguins of Madagascar

With the busy Holiday season I was not able to go see the Penguins of Madagascar in theaters until this month.  Boy it blew me away at how funny it was, my family and I were laughing the whole way through it.  I wanted the art book right away too, and I wanted to share some of the artwork in it.  So here's another review of some of the awesome artwork you will see in the book The Art of Penguins of Madagascar 

You can buy the book here at this Amazon link

New Character Design Book

Check out this new character design book drawn by 100 famous artists from Disney, Marvel, Pixar and more. You can pick up a copy for a limited time only over on IndieGogo

Everyone needs to follow @Sketch_Dailies

If you have the ability to go onto to twitter, take a second and go follow @Sketch_Dailies you will be happy you did.  Here is just some of the amazing art work posted within the last week...

 Black Beard



 Bonnie and Clyde

Billy the Kid

Jessica Rabbit

Joan of Arc

If you want to participate don't forget to Tag your posts with #Sketch_dailies 

Damon Bard website update.

Damon Bard has updated his website with some new sculptures from DreamWorks The Croods and other shows he has worked on.  If you haven't seen his website before, go check it out here...