Art of Raya and the Last Dragon


Art of Raya and the Last Dragon has 168 pages, and this book has lots of great artwork especially character designs from Ami Thompson and we also get to see many great pictures from Shiyoon Kim. Both of them are the art director of characters for this film. There is even a few pictures from Cory Loftis and Paul Briggs. As always with me I wish they would focus more on the character designs, because that is what I love to see, and frankly I think most people that buy these books do as well. So, I always want more pages dedicated to just the character designs with bigger pictures. But in this book, we do get about 50 pages of character designs. Although some of the pictures are small, and some of them are pictures of the 3D model with 2D drawings on top of them, I do wish they would dive more into the very early stages and the experimental stage of them finding what the character might look like instead of us seeing the pictures of the characters final design.

Like in the previous books we still get a lot of pictures of color patterns, background objects and digital paintings. There are a few storyboard sequences scattered throughout the books as well. Overall, though this is a much better book than the art of Soul. They didn't waste a lot of the page space and they added a lot more artwork that more people would enjoy in my opinion.

I give the book a 4 out of  5