The Art of Big Hero 6

The Art of Big Hero 6 is an awesome book. This book is chuck full of character designs.  out of 160 pages, 60 pages are dedicated to character design.  If you are a fan of Jin Kim, Shiyoon Kim, and Lorelay Bove like me, you will love this book.  I really like how they went through to talk about the overall look and feel of each character.  I also love that they showed tons of designs that were not used both heroes and villains.  I this to me is the best part because I like to see the artists exploring and trying new things before they become "Disneyfied".  For example on page 142 they show the designs of some female villains called the Fujitas.  It's three girls who look like Geisha on roller skates while chewing on razor blades,  and having a Medieval Spiked Battle Flail a bat with nails coming out of it for weapons.  Here's hoping that they will use those Fujitas for the next Big Hero 6 film.  But for some reason I don't see that happening.
I give it a very AWESOME 4.8 out of 5