Klaus: The Art of the Movie


Klaus: The Art of the Movie  Is amazing!!! I am so happy to have this book, and if you are not quick, you will be out of luck because they are almost all gone.  You can still find some here and there on the internet, but you have to find it soon.  The reason why I love this book, is that first of all it has 190 pages and 60 of those pages have an amazing amount of art on each page but not to small that you can hardly see and detail.  They make a very good use of each page with hardly any wast of space.  And don't forget, it has 190 pages which is 30 to 40 more pages than more art of books these day's sadly.

The artwork in this book is so fun to look at too, you get to see pages of character designs for each major character and their progression to the final design, which most people that like these books love to see. "Hint Hint" to any future art of book creators. But wait there's more... You get to see loads of designs from all of the other characters and even the animals from the movie, and I mean loads.  You get to see artwork from Sergio Pablos the director himself, and  from the amazing art team of  Torsten Schrank, Daniel Fernandez, Marcin Jakubowski and Juan Pablo Navas.  I sure hope they make another batch of these book for a second printing, because it is definitely needed because of the high demand.

I give the book a 5 out of  5

If you are at all interested like me in seeing some amazing artwork from Torsten Schrank you need to go to his website. There you will see even more artwork from the film they couldn't fit in the book.


Also go to the actual SPA Studios website who created the movie to see more awesome artwork.