The Art of Zootopia

 The Art of Zootopia It has 160 pages and shows exclusive behind-the-scenes pre-production artwork from the movie, with concept art, character designs, and a ton of background and layout artwork.
If you're a big fan of Borja Montoro, Cory Loftis, and Shiyoon Kim, like I am, than you will like this book because it shows a lot of their artwork. I wish there was a lot more character design artwork though. Out of a 160 page book there is roughly 47 pages give or take a page or two showing and talking about the character designs. The rest of the book focuses on backgrounds and layouts and the different areas in Zootopia.

 I was surprised that they used so many pages of props and set design. I know there was a whole heck of a lot more character per-production artwork they could have used rather than fill up pages of designs of streetlights, things that are on office desks, a jar off food, and signs that may or may not even be in the show. So I am a bit disappointed with the wasted opportunities to show more character artwork than things the designed to fill the background.

I give it 4 out of 5

 With The Art of Zootopia Kindle Edition of the book,  I was very disappointed due to the very low resolution all of the pictures were in... (I am the type of person that loves to zoom in and look at the wonderful details) so when I zoomed into the pictures it didn’t take long to see lots of distortion and pixilation (huge negative to have low resolution pictures in an art book, what in the world were they thinking?). And not only that, every time you click on a picture you get this horrible annoying “X” that impedes your view that never goes away until you click on it to close the picture. I hope they can fix this, and upload a higher resolution pictures soon or in the future, so I can maybe re upload the book at a later time with these important improvements.

I give the Kindle Edition of the book a very upsetting 1.5 out of 5 and with a warning to not by the Kindle version of the book until they fix these problems. I don’t understand why they can’t just use the same graphic design format that the book is in and have it be really high resolution, and without having to click on the picture with that annoying “X’ in the way.