The Art and Making of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Video

I can't say it enough... Sony Pictures Animation have the best "Art Of " Books! If you were able to get their last two books (Open Season and Surf's Up) then you know how much art they put in them. Sony's books are HARD COVERED, BIGGER, MORE PAGES, AND HAVE LOTS OF CHARACTER DESIGNS! Tracey Miller-Zarneke and the people over at Insight Editions really know how to put a book together too. Tracey Miller-Zarneke was the same person who Authored The Art of Kung Fu Panda (Which is sold out now). I would like to thank the person at Sony for sending me this book and everyone who signed it too. My honest opinion is that you will really enjoy having this book and it will also get you excited to go see the film.
I really love it when someone puts out a good product, and I want to make sure everyone knows about it... So to all those who helped put this book together... A BIG THANKS!

The Book is normally $50 but if you get it at Amazon now, you can order it for $31.50 which is well worth it.

By the way, there's more than 2/3 of the book that isn't even in this video.

Also if you enjoy the art from that book , you might also want to consider getting "Flint Saves the Day" It has some more artwork by Carey Yost and Pete Oswald both character designers that worked on the film.