David Colman's Doodles Volume 2

Hi everyone.... I want to let everyone know about David Colman's new book.

Below is some information from David about his new book.

David Colman’s Doodles Volume 2 is here!! Volume 1 was a big hit and is sold out, but Volume 2 is even bigger, in full color and a hardcover. Over 100 pages of my animal sketches, character designs, paintings and even production work from my time at Sony, Cartoon Network and many other studios. This book is now available for pre-order. All pre-orders made through the davidsdoodles.com store will receive a signed copy of the book with a personal sketch from the artist. Order it today to get this one time offer…… Once February hits the personal sketch offer is off the table.

All preorders will ship 2nd week of February but your patience will be rewarded…I am very proud of the quality of this book and kept my price @ only $20 so many more can enjoy it….. and @over 100 pages it is definitely worth it for all my dedicated fans.

My next several postings are samples pages of the book….check it out…..

PLUS, my new site has launched…containing tons of new work and I am very proud of it… It now has a professional look and I want to know what you all think…..there may be a few changes over next week or two but its set to go…Plus, my shirt line is now available on the site, previously only available @ conventions. The only thing still exclusive to the conventions are the limited edition signed prints….