The Art of Frozen 2

I thought The Art of Frozen 2 would have been lean on character design since the first movie had already solidified the look of the main characters and the art direction for this new film.  I was very happy to know that I was wrong. We see lots of new artwork with a whole new batch of characters that we meet in this new film. There is a lot of character designs and pre-production artwork from these characters.  Out of the 156 page, I would have to say about 40 pages are devoted to character design and pre-production artwork.

I was also really happy to see a return of one of my favorite artists Jin Kim who has been gone and has many of his drawings in the book, as well from artists like Bill Schwab and Brittney Lee. Overall I'm pretty happy with this book.

I give the book a 4.5 out of  5

Also those of you that are really into the art of frozen, they are also selling the Frozen Postcard Box which has 100 collectible postcards with even more art.