The Art of Ralph Breaks the Internet

The Art of Ralph Breaks the Internet:  is an AWESOME. Probably one of the best art books due to how many character designs and pre-production on all of the characters they show. Jessica Julius really knows how to make an art of book. She uses limited text and fills her pages with as much art as possible, there is hardly any wasted space. The one major thing that she does that I like is that she finds multiple drawings of the characters before the design is finalized and we get to see a lot of the artists explore each character and see what might have been.  Literally some of the characters have multiple pages with these exploitative drawings. For example there are 5 pages devoted to the character Yesss and with in those pages you have up to 55 character design drawings. With a total of 168 pages, (8 more than the last Wreck it Ralph art book) it has about 70 pages with character designs and rough drawings of the characters. A lot of those drawings that I noticed are from artists Ami Thompson and Mingjue Helen Chen. This book is so worth every penny, especially now that it is on sale as of today for $25.47 over at amazon here on this link - The Art of Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

What an AWESOME BOOK.  5 out of 5