The Art of Coco

The Art of Coco  has a whole mix of artwork for both living and the dead characters from the film.  With 162 pages I would say about 1/3 is filled with some great character design.  I like that there is hardly any text, but loads of artwork.  This book introduced me to some great artist that I would like to point out, and I will now put them on my watch list of artists to follow, and hopefully we will see more of their work in the future too.  They are - Daniel Arriaga,  Zaruhi Galstyan, and Manny Hernandez.  There is also some wonderful art scattered throughout from Tony Fucile (an artist /animator that was came over with Brad Bird), I wish they would show more of his work, but maybe he is hard working on the new Incredibles 2, who knows maybe theuy will show more work in the next Art Of Book.

I really liked this book, so I am giving it a...  4 out of 5