Update on Stephen Silver

Stephen what have you been up to in the last 5 years?

Since the last time we spoke, I had been working over at Sony Feature Animation and then I went back to Nickelodeon to work on Danny Phantom and then The Penguins of Madagascar, I even did a 3 month stint over at Fox on the Cleveland show. My main goal was to start working from home as a freelancer which I have been doing now for the last 3 years, as well as creating my own properties and teaching and lecturing in the states and around the world full time. I am now doing exactly what it is I want to do, creating new books and teaching.

Over at Schoolism.com not only do you have your Character Design class, but you have these wonderful Master Series of Mort Drucker, and Stan Goldberg. Could you tell us how and why you decided to do these?

Mort and Stan have become very close friends of mine, and the knowledge they have, I felt needs to be captured and told outside of book form. I always wanted to learn and know about their process of drawing and what better way than to go to their studios, set up a camera and film the masters at work in their own environment and voice. I felt as these great artists are getting older, it was important to document their process for generations to come. Their understanding of the art fundamentals I feel are no longer being taught, yet it is essential for any artist that wishes to break into the field of art.

How did you get in contact with these living legends?

I met them through a terrific organization that i am a member of called the National Cartoonists Society. The organization hosts a yearly event that takes place in all different parts of the country called the Rueben awards. It was through this that i finally had the chance to meet them and so many other living legends.

Were the artists both excited to do the videos with you, or did you have to kindly persuade them at first?

It did not take much at all, they loved the idea and felt very comfortable with me doing it, This was the first time they had ever been filmed in this way, which is what made the experience even better. I was so honored and privileged to spend two full days with each one of them, going to lunches and dinners and even spending the night at Stan’s house.

Tell us about your new Iphone and Ipad PoseBook Applications?

This is a concept that I have had in my mind for a really long time; it was just a matter of time before I could get it done. I feel there is a real necessity for all artists to have a fundamental understanding of drawing the clothed human figure, and I have never found a pose book that showed real character or life. I wanted to create a format that was easy and simple so that you didn’t have to spend hours Google searching images and reference you may need to better your skills. This app makes it easy to learn how to draw attitudes, expressions and hands. My intention was also to create a portable, mobile book that artists can carry with them everywhere. I also included videos to show how to approach various elements of design and drawing. Here is the site to tell you a little more and show you a video. www.posebook.com


Stephen also has a interactive e-book Jolly and roger's misguided adventures. Here's some more information about that here.  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jolly-rogers-misguided-adventures/id481102919

So Stephen what kinds of things can we expect to see from you in the future?

What you can expect from me now, are tools and courses and workshops to help in artist development, my purpose in life I have found is to teach and share with others the knowledge that I have acquired in order to help other artists succeed in their journey. I have so much fun with this and it gives me so much joy to see the growth of artists that I work with. I feel my true give is the art of motivating and inspiring others.