The Art of Incredibles 2  Has a lot more Character Design than the previous art of the Incredibles from the first fil.  With 168 pages I would say about  41 pages with character designs. But I wish they would have put more.  It then has about 22 pages of storyboards, and the rest is of pre-visual artwork like props, buildings, backrounds and other throwaway art that I wonder why they even show. There are many character designs done by Matt Nolte, who I consider one of the best artist out there in the animation industry.  There is also some art from Tony Fucile, and Deanna Marsigliese. So overall I am pretty happy to see a lot of great artwork, but it seems like they withheld so much more character designs that they could have shown. (I'm sorry but I am not to interested in all of the pictures of props and building layouts which is most of the book). But there is another great thing about this book, is that it shows designs of Lucius Best (Frozone's wife) and Kari the babysitter's parents would look like if the would have been in the movie.

I really liked this book, so I am giving it a...  4 out of 5