The Color of Pixar


The Color of Pixar is a how Pixar uses color to make their audience feel different emotions both highs and lows and everything in between by what type of colors is most prevalent in the scene at the time. How they do this is by using a color script to help map out the various types of colors or feelings they want to convey throughout the film.   This boos has 343 film stills from all of Pixar's films up to Finding Dory with a color border reflecting the prominent color in the film still. The pages are organized to see a full spectrum of color starting with bright white stills seamlessly flowing through the many colors of the rainbow all the way to black.  It has few words other than the Forward by John Lasseter and the Introduction by Tia Kratter, which is great for an art book in my opinion. This book is kind of an enigma to me, because I don't really see the demand or even a want for this type of a book unless you want to be a color script artist which there are very few jobs out there.

I give the book a 2 out of 5